The calygreyhound is a mythical creature, that appears on Medieval heraldry. The de Vere family, who were the Earls of Oxford, used the calygreyhound in their coat of arms in the 15th and 16th centuries.[1] The calygreyhound may be unique to the de Veres,[2] and unlike most heraldic monsters, it made no attempt to seem realistic. A similar monster is the caretyne.[3
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The calygreyhound is described consistently as having the head of a wildcat,[4] the torso of a deer or antelope,[5] the claws of an eagle on its forefeet, ox hooves, antlers or horns, the hind legs of a lion or ox, and its tail like a lion or poodle. On some rare occasions the Calygreyhound may be seen as depicted with the wings of an eagle.[4] It is said to represent speed.[5] It is generally accepted that the calygreyhound is simply a figment of the artist's imagination, but some parts of it are based on reality. When it is depicted, it does not have a consistent position.[6]

Renowned for its incredible speed, this creature is notable for its apparent synthesis of features which are found on both carnivores and grassland herbivores.

Sometimes associated with the CARETYNE, this unique animal appears on the Medieval heraldry of the de Vere family — who were the Earls of Oxford – during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Often used to symbolize speed, the Calygreyhound was an apparently terrifying melding of different mammals, which was described as having the head of a wildcat, the torso of an antelope, the fore-claws of an eagle and the hind legs and hooves of an ox.

That having been stated, there are some illustrations which depict the creature as an AQUATIC ENIGMA, complete with a fish-like tail.

These creatures were also often depicted as having a pair of bulbous, ram-like horns. Although, this animal is commonly accepted to be a figment of medieval artists’ fertile imaginations, the fact remains that even the most fantastic beasts, more often than not, have some basis in reality.

Commonly used in mid evil heraldry to represent speed, the Calygreyhound was said to have the head of a wildcat, the torso of an antelope, the hind legs and hooves of an ox, and in some cases was depicted as having a pair of ram like horns atop its head. The Calygreyhound is considered by most to be a figment of the mid evil artists over active imaginations; however there are some that insist that even the most outrageous creatures have some basis in reality.

The Evidence No evidence to suggest that the Calygreyhound is or ever was an actual animal has been brought to light at this time.

The Sightings No documented sightings of the Calygreyhound could be found at this time.

The Stats – (Where applicable) • Classification: Hybrid • Size: Unknown  • Weight: Unknown  • Diet: Unknown  • Location: Europe • Movement: Four legged walking • Environment: Unknown

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