Unknown Snake of the West Indies.

Physical description: Length, 4 feet. Thick 
body. Dull ochre color with dark spots. Pale red 
pyramidal crest like a rooster. Scarlet wattles.

Behavior: Crows like a rooster. Eats poultry.

Distribution: Eastern portion of Jamaica; 

Significant sightings: In 1829, a medical doctor 
saw a crested snake, dead and slightly decomposed, 
in Jamaica.

A snake with wattles was shot in Jamaica on 
March 30, 1850, by the son of Jasper Cargill.

Possible explanation: Vocalizing snakes are not 
unknown. See Crowing Crested Cobra.

Loren Coleman does an excellent today detailing the remaining available habitats for cryptids in Haiti (much has been lost to deforestation and desertification), and the the creatures themselves.

Chief among them is the Caribbean Crowing Snake:

Said to be four feet long, with a thick body, having a dull ochre color with dark spots, a pale red pyramidal crest like a rooster and scarlet wattles, one of its most unique features is that it crows like a rooster. Naturally, it eats chickens. The Caribbean Crowing Snake is reported from the eastern portion of Jamaica and Haiti.

Coleman also encourages donations to the  earthquake-ravaged country.

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