A curious character, varying widely from the usual run of feathered animals. A bird distinctly low in intellectual curiousity, showing complete and consistent indifference as to where he’s going. He prefers only to see where he’s been; hence he always flies backwards.

          A rather rare species, frequently heard of, but seldom seen. Authentic reports are none 

Fillamaloo small

too common. This is odd, for a turkey-like head on a long bottle-green neck sparsely spangled with large, silvery scales, a black right wing and a pink left one make a color combination hard to miss. The nest is usually b

uilt upside down; the eggs (seven to a clutch) are invariably Grade D. The call resembles the clank of a Johnson bar being shoved into reverse.            Variously called the Goofus Bird, the Flu-fly Bird, etc. 

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