Загруженное (48)
ed insect (Invertebrate) of Mada - 
gascar .

Scientific name: Xanthopan sp.

Physical description: Hawk mot h wit h a 16- 
inch pr oboscis.

Distribution: Lake It asy, Madagascar .

Possible explanation: The epiphyt ic Madagascan 
or chid Angraecum longicalcar has a rost rellum 
about 16 inches deep t hat leads t o it s nect 
ar-pr oducing or gans. No known local mot h has 
a proboscis t hat long. However , ent omologist 
Gene Kr it sky pr edict s t hat one must exist , since 
t he plant manages t o propagat e it self.

Present status: The exist ence of a Madagascan 
hawk mot h (Xanthopan morgani praedicta) wit h 
a 12-inch pr oboscis was pr edict ed in 1862 by 
Char les Darwin, due t o t he physical r equir ement 
for r eaching t he nect ar in t he Comet or - 
chid (Angraecum sesquipedale). The insect was finally 
discover ed and descr ibed in 1903.

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