Unknown Fish of Australasia.

Distribution: Lake Sentani, Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

Significant sighting: During World War II, 
George Agogino dropped a grenade int o t he 
l ake in order t o kil l some fishes for his army unit 
t o eat . A 12-foot shark was brought t o t he surface, 
and he was able to sketch it before it sank.

Possible explanations: 
(1) The shark like Largest sawfish (Pristis 
microdon), normal l y a marine or riverine 
species, is found in t his l ake. It can grow t o 
a l engt h of 19 feet . If t he grenade had t orn 
off it s bl adel ike snout , Agogino might have 
mist aken it for a shark. 
(2) The Bul l shark (Carcharhinus leucas), 
which grows t o 11 feet , has been report ed 
from Lake Jamoer in Irian Jaya.

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