Sea Monster of the Medit

Загруженное (34)
erranean Sea.

Physical description: Red crest or mane. Red 
(bloodshot ) eyes. Fl ickering t ongue. Venomous 
fangs. Immense coil s.

Behavior: Kil l s by const rict ion.

Distribution: Aegean Sea.

Significant sighting: The Trojan priest Laocoön 
(responsibl e for t he warning about 
“Greeks bearing gift s” in sending t he Trojan 
horse) and his t wo sons were st rangl ed by sea 
snakes whil e t hey were sacrificing at t he al t ar of 
Poseidon on t he seacoast . The snakes were said 
t o have come from Bozca Ada Isl and, not far 
from ancient Troy along t he coast of Çanakkal e 
Province, Turkey.

Possible explanation: The harml ess, crest ed 
Oarfish (Regalecus glesne), t he most elongat ed 
bony fish in t he worl d, is found in t he Medit erranean. 
Though t his is oft en a deep-sea fish, it is 
somet imes found dead or dying at t he surface.

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