Water Tiger of South America.

Etymology: Wayana (Car

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ib) word.

Variant names: Popoké, Wat er mot her .

Physical description: Lengt h, 9 feet 9 inches. 
Widt h, 3 feet 3 inches. Shor t , fawn-color ed fur . 
Whit ish on chest . Whit e st r ipe, 5 inches wide, 
along back. Lar ge br own eyes like a t apir ’s. 
Drooping ear s. Tusks like a walr us’s. Clawed 
feet like an ant eat er ’s. Tuft ed t ail like a cow’s.

Behavior: Wait s underwat er for pr ey. At t acks 
humans and canoes.

Habitat: Caves and hollows in t he r iver bank.

Distribution: Maroni River , near Mar ipa - 
soula, Fr ench Guiana.

Significant sighting: The body of a boy who 
dr owned in t he Mar oni on Oct ober 21, 1962, 
was found par t ially eat en. The Maipolina was 

Possible explanation: An aquat ic Saber - 
t oot hed cat (Smilodon sp.) similar t o t he 
Yaquaru; possibly it s female count er par t , suggest 
ed by Kar l Shuker .

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