100 black dogs
Black Dog of the Isle of Man.

Etymology: Manx, “black dog.”

Variant names: Mauthe doog, Moddey dhoo.

Physical description: Size of a calf. Curled, 
shaggy hair. Large, fiery eyes.

Distribution: Isle of Man, England.

Significant sightings: In the seventeenth century, 
when Peel Castle, Isle of Man, was garrisoned, 
a shaggy, black dog came silently into 
the guardhouse and made itself at home.

In 1927, near Ramsey, at the Milntown corner, 
Isle of Man, a friend of Walter Gill saw a 
black dog with red eyes. He and the dog looked 
at each other until the dog moved aside and allowed 
him to pass. In 1931, at the same spot, a 
doctor passed a dog nearly the size of a calf, with 
bright, staring eyes.

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