Mystery BIRD of Central Africa.

Etymology: Possibly Lingala (Bantu) word.

Physical description: Eagle-like. Dark brown 
to black above, lighter below. Hooked beak. 
Wingspan, 9–13 feet. Large, powerful talons.

Behavior: Eats monkeys and small goats. 
Nests at the top of tall jungle trees.

Habitat: Forests.

Distribution: Republic of the Congo.

Significant sighting: Congo political commissioner 
André Mouelle saw this giant raptor once. 
Present status: Formerly more common.

Possible explanations: 
(1) The Martial eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus), 
Africa’s largest eagle, is close in coloration, 
but its wingspan is just under 7 feet. It 
prefers open habitats, not forests, and has not 
been reported in the Republic of the Congo. 
(2) The Crowned hawk eagle (Stephanoaetus 
coronatus) only has a wingspan of just over 5 
feet, but it does prefer forests and dense 
woodland. It is scarce but found throughout 
the Congo region.

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