WATER HORSE of Northern Europe.

Variant names: Nennir, Nickur, Ninnir, 


Noggle (Shetlands), Nuckelavee (Scotland), 
Nuggle (Orkney), Nygel.

Physical description: Gray or black. Head like 
an ox’s. Seal-like flippers or hooves that are reversed. 
Also appears in human form. As the 
Nuckelavee, it appears as a CENTAUR-like combination 
of a horse with one red eye, a rider with a 
massive head and transparent skin, and a KELPIE.

Behavior: Aquatic. Either moos or lows like a 
cow or neighs like a horse. Likes to entice 
human females underwater.

Distribution: Rivers and lakes of Iceland, as 
well as off the Icelandic coast; Shetland and 
Orkney Islands; northern Scotland. 
Significant sighting: The inhabitants of Grímsey, 
off the north coast of Iceland, refused to 
keep cows on their island until about 1850 because 
they claimed there was a Nykur in the sea 
that drove mad any cow that they tried to bring 
across from the mainland.

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