SEA MONSTER of Alaska.

Etymology: Inuktitut (Eskimo-Aleut) word.

Variant names: Tizheruk (on King Island), 

Physical description: Thick fur. Snake- or crocodile- 
like head. Short horns. Long tongue. Depicted 
with three pairs of legs (the middle pair is 
rudimentary) and three dorsal fins. Tail has a 
flipper on the end.

Behavior: Rears 7–8 feet out of the water. 
Carnivorous. Said to attack humans in kayaks. 
Can be summoned by tapping on boat bottoms 
or wooden piers.

Habitat: Seen more often in bay areas than on 
the open ocean.

Distribution: Nunivak and King Islands, 
Bering Strait, Alaska; also said to frequent the 
Kuskokwim River, Alaska.

Possible explanation: An unknown species of 
long-necked Seal (Suborder Pinnipedia), suggested 
by Roy Mackal.

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