Odd-colored CETACEAN of the western Pacific 

Variant name: Chinese white dolphin.

Physical description: Juveniles are born black, 
then turn light gray as they get older. Adults are 
whitish pink, with gray spots or patches. The 
dorsal fin is slightly larger in this variety, though 
it lacks the pronounced hump of the African 

Distribution: Zhu Jiang River estuary between 
Hong Kong and Macau, China.

Present status: Known as long ago as A.D. 
618–907 in Tang Dynasty poetry. About 
100–200 Pink dolphins are found in Hong 
Kong waters; as many as 1,000 are estimated to 
live in the entire estuary.

Probable explanation: Definitely a local color 
variation of the Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin 
(Sousa chinensis), found in coastal waters 
from South Africa to eastern Australia. The reason 
for its light coloration is unknown.

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